Tatiana Soldatenko – designer, master expert, member of the Folk Artists Union of the Republic of Belarus and the Moscow Chamber of Crafts, the author of exclusive handmade jewellery, accessories and furnishings from natural materials.

Tatiana Soldatenko lives and works in Belarus. The artist combines the ancient techniques of working with natural raw materials and the advantages of modern stylized natural materials. Extensive practical experience, knowledge of the history of costume and fine feeling of professional are embodied in exclusive jewellery, accessories, decorative panels, interior narrative. Every creation is filled with a vivid warmth and bright energy of the wizard, in spite of the material performance, whether it’s leather, natural stones, beads, metal, ceramic-plastic or decorative glass.

Distinctive features of Tatiana Soldatenko are exclusive jewellery and accessories of leather with different components. Each collection line is performed in a limited number in several colors. This allows each owner of amazing jewellery to look stylish and feel unique changing every time.

Tatiana Soldatenko’s talent has fans in the whole world. Jewellery and accessories made by Tatiana, adorn clothes of fashionable women from Russia, Poland, Germany, England, America, Israel and Japan. Numerous works of the master were commended and awarded of prestigious prizes of republican and international exhibitions. In 2010, an exotic collection named “Africa” was exhibited in Norway, where it received recognition from both amateurs and professionals.

Tatiana Soldatenko is experimenting and improving the technique of working with different materials all the time, discovering their capabilities from an unexpected perspective. Apprentices and disciples are developing today the direction and style of the wizard. Every encounter with Tatiana Soldatenko on author’s master classes and workshops in Belarus, Russia or Poland means a vivid exchange of experience and skills as well as the lessons of goodness and beauty.